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In the second half of 2016, Hennessy's door and window marketing headquarters set up a project team, which will start from their daily life to their original intention and process of operating Hennessy brand. In the second half of 2016, Hennessy's door and window marketing headquarters set up a project team, which will start from their daily life to their original intention of operating Hennessy brand Process, share their success secrets to everyone, or from sales to store managers, or dreams into reality, or start a family, which belongs to the entrepreneurial history of every Hennessy person

Hennessy TV crew completed the first batch of exclusive interviews with dealers from October to November, and shot "interview videos" and "promotional videos" (to be released on Hennessy's official website after completion of editing). The exclusive interview route was Zhangjiajie store in Hunan Huaihua store in Hunan Guiyang store in Guizhou, and a total of 3 Hennessy people were interviewed

Zhangjiajie station

Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province is a key domestic tourist city due to tourism, which is suitable for living and playing. Hennessy doors and windows occupy a place here. Mr. Li has been engaged in the building materials industry for 12 years. Ten years ago, he searched the Internet and chose Hennessy from more than 10 door and window brands. Since then, he has an identity of door and window owner. So far, he has two stores with a total area of more than 600 square meters. President Li believes that only in the continuous competition can we grow rapidly, which coincides with the store team management guidance advocated by Hennessy. The strong team of 16 people was divided into two groups. The intense PK competition made Mr. Li's employees full of enthusiasm, which had a profound impact on the performance and income of the store. It can be seen that the importance of effective team management

Hennessy doors and windows

Zhangjiajie store in Hunan

Li Jian

some engineering cases of Zhangjiajie store

Huaihua station

Huaihua, Hunan has been known as "the gateway to Guizhou and Yunnan" and "the throat of all Chu" since ancient times. Its superior geographical location brings unprecedented opportunities for the rapid development of this prefecture level city. In 2009, Hennessy doors and windows officially settled in Huaihua. Mr. Wu said that he and his husband were children who grew up in the countryside. They met by marriage and formed a family. Because of their common ideals, they chose to start a business in the city. Meeting Hennessy's doors and windows is a turning point in their lives. In 2014, following the VI upgrade of Hennessy's headquarters, the current store has two floors, with a total area of more than 400 square meters. It also has its own professional team, a gradually improved operation system, and provides high-quality and in place services for every customer. It is well-known in the door and window industry in Huaihua City, just as Hennessy's vision - to come for happiness

Hennessy doors and windows

Hunan Huaihua store


storefront team

storefront sample

some engineering cases of Huaihua store

Guiyang station

the last stop is Hennessy doors and windows Guizhou branch stationed in Guiyang store, and the person in charge - Pan Feng. Everyone has his own bitter history of growth, but the vast sea of people is not humane. After graduating from the University in 2010, pan Zong took the dream of traveling all over China, but worked in the building materials industry locally, and set up his own family in 2014. Since ancient times, China has said that men have been married and established. At the right time, I met Mr. Zeng Qingwei, chairman of Hennessy doors and windows. After several negotiations and understanding, I chose Hennessy brand. With years of accumulated experience in the door and window building materials industry, Mr. Pan actively participated in the training activities of Hennessy headquarters, and quickly put the operation and management of products and stores on track. After two years of diligent operation, the turnover has doubled by three times compared with the initial opening period

Hennessy doors and windows

head of Guizhou branch

Pan Feng

in the next time, the project team will gradually carry out interviews with dealers in other regions across the country, create a platform for Hennessy families across the country to enjoy sharing successful entrepreneurship and a better life, comprehensively display the business strength and brand charm of Hennessy doors and windows terminal stores, and let some interested or upcoming customers gain experience, Strengthen their confidence, learn from each other and grow together





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