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The spatial structure of commercial housing is also becoming more and more diversified -- especially the top-level house, and various attics are becoming more and more common. With more attics, there are naturally more related decoration problems. Not to mention the specific decoration, in terms of the characteristics of the attic itself, it is a very story space. Why do you say so? Because of its irregular space and unique windows “ High above ” The location of the whole building gives the richness of the attic space. It is precisely because of this feature that the loft is more likely to be designed as a space full of imagination. Specifically, the attic can be decorated into bedrooms, study rooms, reception rooms, chess and card rooms, and even bolder owners can transform it into bathrooms and kitchens

when decorating the attic, we should first pay attention to the problem of electricity. When burying the circuit, we must consider it carefully. For example, we should pay attention to reserving the air conditioning line, otherwise it will be very troublesome to refit. In addition, the most important factor in attic decoration is the heat insulation of the attic. Because the attic is usually located on the top floor, it will be relatively hot under direct sunlight. For this, you can add a thermal insulation roof or lay a thermal insulation layer to prevent the attic from becoming “ Steamer &rdquo

the second is how to make the best use of the effective area. Because the area of the attic itself is relatively small, and the roof is mostly inclined, it is very important to make good use of the place where the wall meets the floor. For example, the triangular area can be put on an open shelf to make a storage space

The height of the attic must also be taken into account. If you often use the attic and often move in the attic, you might as well design the height of the attic higher. If the attic is not often used, it can not be too high

the furniture in the attic is generally not suitable for purchase and should be customized by the designer. Usually, it is small and chic. Furniture with simple lines and frames is preferred. Locally, it can be equipped with accessories with bright colors and jumps or some furniture with strong interest

the attic floor depends on the functional area positioning of the attic. If it is set as a private space or children's room, most of them use the ground table, which has better comfort. As for the top treatment, it is more complex, and it is also the focus of decoration design. Usually, natural wood materials are used for decoration. In addition, due to the structural limitations of the attic, the designer needs to make the space higher and larger visually, and give play to the characteristics of the structure itself to produce a kind of structural beauty of the building. This beauty needs to be consistent with the style of the whole room. It should not only follow the modern simplicity, oppose redundant decoration, but also meet the comfort and beauty. The lighting of the attic is generally bad, so the color should be mainly lively. This can make the attic appear bright and transparent, making up for congenital deficiencies. In addition, because attics are generally not flat roofs, and many roofs are relatively high, it is very important to choose lights. You can choose some distinctive chandeliers, which can not only illuminate but also play a decorative role. However, the disadvantage of chandeliers is that once the lamp has problems, it is not convenient to repair. Therefore, you can also choose more wall lamps and floor lamps, of which dual control lamps are preferred

in the interview, the designer specially reminded consumers that no matter what the attic is made of, they must pay attention not to damage the original structure of the attic as much as possible, and do not change the structure as much as possible when doing decorative design. For example, when making the ceiling, it is not necessary to use a whole gypsum board. You can drill or cut the gypsum board into lines to deal with it, or make wooden beams in the attic, so as not to damage the original structure, but also increase changes to the space

the area of common attics is generally small, and their design and decoration are relatively limited by the original space factors. In addition to the small attic with an area of 20 or 30 square meters, the large loft with loft style is gradually increasing with the increase of single family, wide house and duplex house. Here we will make a brief comment on the decoration design of the large attic

for lofts with relatively large area, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the current types of lofts: one is the attic on the top floor, and the other is the pure attic. Most of them are the attic on the top floor, which is a common kind, and usually has a small area. The area of pure attic is generally larger. In the decoration design, in addition to the unique spatial structure, the function of the big attic can be used in common with other bedroom spaces, so it can be done according to the normal bedroom decoration in the decoration design

because the attic itself is mostly inclined and has a triangular shape, plus the large attic has no limited space, it can make full use of the floor height and shape of the attic in the design, and the change and possibility of the design are stronger than that of the small attic; At the same time, due to the architectural structure different from the general room space, its design is also very interesting

in general, the large attic has the advantage of rich attic space structure, and the ordinary space is not narrow compared with the small attic space. Therefore, in the decoration, as long as we grasp the characteristics and advantages of the original space structure, we can “ Go all out &rdquo




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